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Welcome to DNA Analysis

your gateway to quality DNA sequencing and fragment analysis services 


DNA Analysis is a small business located in the Midwest. We have been providing DNA sequencing,

     fragment analysis and related services since our founding in 2008. One of the advantages of

working with a smaller business is our familiarity with your samples and testing needs. Great

communication is a top priority. Our directors have over 35 years of combined experience

providing genetic analysis services including extensive experience in troubleshooting problematic

templates. We don't just reload a failed result. We take additional steps with proven methods to

analyze the template in an effort to determine the cause. Every result is reviewed

 before it is uploaded into your secure online account ready to download.


Contact us anytime to discuss your research needs.



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We have an extremely high success rate when you submit quality samples to be analyzed using our DNA sequencing services. Experienced laboratory personnel review each result and edit software-generated base miscalls. Completed results are uploaded to your free account on a secure FTP site for you to download after you receive our email notification. We have specialized chemistries designed to troubleshoot problematic templates that may contain hairpins or poly base regions, or have highly GC rich regions.  Your template and primer submissions are stored for 3 months for future use. We also bank primers beyond the 3 month storage period at your request with no additional cost.

We provide full fragment analysis services and for products you amplified with fluorescent markers using capillary technology. The combination of capillary technology and fluorescent labeled markers will allow you to multiplex markers into a single sample. We use GS500 as our size standard for products ranging 100 bp to 450 bp. GS2500 is available for larger products. Samples submitted for fragment analysis services will be analyzed and reviewed by experienced laboratory personnel. We recommend that you contact us before submitting fragment analysis samples so we can evaluate the specific needs of your project and devise an optimal analysis strategy.